Monday, December 22, 2008

Our latest photo

Alright just so we can say that the blog has been updated...

Sunday, November 30, 2008

Pictures from Sunday

These are just some quick snaps I made today. She has been doing really well with her routine. She had been sleeping through the night since last friday night-she did get up at 4 am on mon. night- until we took her to the farm the past two nights she has gotten up at 4 and 5:15 but that isn't bad and i think once she gets back into her routine she will go back to her all night routine. We have switched once again to a new formula although I think her tummy trouble will not fully be resolved until she outgrows it and her digestive system matures but if she will sleep all night then we are okay with not so great nap times due to tummy upsets. We are really enjoying her and she is growing more and more everyday. She is talking and "singing" her favorite song is jingle bells and she will sing along with me. She is so wonderful and we just love the stuffin' out of her!

First trip to the farm

Eric and I decided we needed a retreat and we always go up to the farm to do that so we chose a weekend and headed up there. We went on a thurs. evening and arrived at about 6:30. From then until bed time we worked on getting her bed ready and bringing in all our junk and baby stuff-did I mention we looked like a band of gypsies with everything we brought along. We did just what we always do at home-take care of baby wash and make bottles, go down for nap time, etc. Why we thought all this would be different in a different setting I don't know but we did enjoy our weekend and did make it outside to look at the beautiful fall leaves which we didn't get any pictures of. We went the weekend of Nov. 7th.


We had thanksgiving and all our relatives who lived far away got to meet our precious girl. We went to Eric's parents for homemade pizza on wed. night, lunch with my family on Thurs. and then headed to the farm for a hayride and bonfire complete with weiner roast except it was canceled due to rain but next year it will be really fun and Sophia will be old enough to enjoy it. So we enjoyed just hanging out and playing games. We came back on Sat. around lunch and then went over to Eric's parents to visit with Steve and Marsha-long time family friends. It was a fun holiday in which we ate entirely too much food, laughed a lot, and the baby was passed around from one person to the next. I am looking forward to having her at home and to myself!

Meeting cousin Elaina

Elaina was so excited that Sophia was born that she cried the day that her mom came over and she didn't get to come. Her meeting was delayed for a few weeks but once they finally got to meet they both enjoyed the meeting immensly. She even brought a colorful picture for Sophia's room.

Happy Halloween

So, it's been almost two months since we posted but here are our pics from these days gone by. These are from Halloween- we were a beautiful ballerina! It was cold that day so we took most of them inside.

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

our first (very short) shoot

Here the photos from our first little photo shoot. Which lasted all of 2 minutes, but she was great! Hope ya'll enjoy.